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    Welcome to is an Internet service that lets you send money to friends and family to Cuba, using your credit card. All transactions are processed online quickly and efficiently. envisaged that both senders and receivers in Cuba, received a service where they can check remittances.

Beneficiaries receiving remittances get a debit card AIS, which will allow them to use it in the card acceptance network covering the whole country, Point of Sales Terminals (POS) and Automated Teller Machines (ATM) .

To send transfers we accept credit cards Visa and MasterCard.
We are pleased that you use our services.

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Alternatively you can make your transfers using the following site associated with our organization:
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Amounts in CUC Amounts in USD
$ 100.00 117.32
$ 200.00 230.15
$ 300.00 343.55
$ 400.00 456.94
$ 500.00 570.33
$ 750.00 853.25
$ 1,000.00 1137.86
$ 1,500.00 1706.50
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Amount to Send: USD
Beneficiary receives: CUC
Fee: USD
Total Amount to Pay: USD

Any Citizen who lives in Cuba can request and obtain a card with no cost...

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