Authenticate with your username and password. Then click SEND REMITTANCE and declare the PIN (previously received).

1- In the first step of sending, select the type of card to which you want to send the money. You can select between AIS USD, AIS CUP, AIS NO CASH and Bank Account Deposit cards for sendings to BPA, BANDEC and BANMET cards.
Then declare the amount to ship, calculate it and click Next.

2- In the second step, you must select the beneficiary of your transfer, previously declared during registration (you do not have to add it again).
If you selected an AIS card in the previous step, the cards of this type registered in the system in the name of the selected beneficiary will be displayed. Verify that the marked card is correct. If there is no AIS card registered in the name of this beneficiary, then the possibility of creating one will be shown.
If in the first step you selected Bank Account Deposit, you must enter the 16-digit number of the card or bank account to which you want to send, which must belong to the selected beneficiary.
Then you just have to continue on the Next button until the payment is completed.

3- In the third step, a summary of the sending will be shown. By clicking on Send Remittance you will be validating the operation and will proceed to pay it with your credit or debit card.

We work with Secure Electronic Commerce (CES), an internationally approved security system for online payments, in which all operations must be validated with the issuing bank of the card with which it is being paid, authenticating the cardholder through the request for a key / PIN / signature / security code that the customer must have or receive at the time of payment, and which, together with the card number, expiration date and the 3 digits on the back guarantee a higher level of security in operation.